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New technology partnership in bike, e-bike and pedelec market

NCTE AG (NCTE) and Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG (Schaeffler) have agreed to a technological partnership for torque sensors in bike, e-bike and pedelec market. Read article

Bottom bracket with integrated torque sensor for pedelecs

NCTE sensors are a key component for improving the performance of pedelecs. Fully integrated into the bottom bracket, the sensor detects:

Rotational speed and direction, and torque (version RT)
Rotational speed and direction (version R)

as the key input parameter for the motor control unit.

User benefit

Enhanced driveability and driving pleasure of the bike, powerful, yet comfortable motor support, longer range and easy motor control. Strong commercial track record after five years of OEM production.

Product features

– Accurate torque measurement directly at the BB shaft by Formula 1-approved PCME technology
– Accuracy +/-1 %
– Temperature range -40 °C … +85 °C
– Perfect protection against environmental impact
– Waterproof
– Maintenance free
– Extremely robust due to integration into the BB – survives even heavy impact
– Integrated angle sensors for speed and direction of rotation
– No re-calibration required
– Integrated electronic PCB with flexible user interfaces/output signals
– Very easy, intuitive assembly into the bike
– Fully compatible with standard BB`s, fits almost any bike
– Compatible with »X-Cell RT« resp. »X-Cell R«
– RF compatibility with ”BBRS“
NEW: ISIS and Octalink version

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For applications, where standard bottom bracket sensors cannot be used, we deliver customized torque and rotation sensor solutions to your specification.

NCTE sensor solutions have already been integrated into a vast variety of electric drive systems. How can we help you?