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In plastics, food or pharmaceuticals production, machine productivity has to be continuously increased without affecting product quality and without risking machine damages or downtimes. Increasing torque density in the complex motion processes of twin- or multi-screw extruders without exceeding the materials’ load limits is a major challenge.

NCTE torque sensors

NCTE torque sensors enable reliable process control and overload protection through precise real time measurements directly at the shafts. NCTE sensors applied to the gear output shafts or the respective coupling parts allow dedicated torque measurements at each individual screw. Thanks to continuous torque monitoring at extruder shafts or in the extruder gear box, the production process can be controlled and optimized according to actual process requirements.

Advantages of NCTE torque sensors in extruders

– Significant efficiency increase
– Elimination of extruder downtimes and costly repairs
– No production loss thanks to fully automated parameter control
– High measuring accuracy
– Extremely robust and temperature resistant
– Insensitive to vibration, bending, and chemicals
– Easy, cost-efficient retrofit of existing plants possible
– Process monitoring documentation for optimum quality control

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