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Medical Devices



For ultimate patient protection during operating table movement, overload situations and injury to the patient due to body parts being caught in the moving parts have to be reliably prevented. This is even more imperative with regard to actual and upcoming legal requirements towards increased patient safety.

NCTE shear force sensors

NCTE sensors enable non-contact measurements of forces inside the operating table’s bearings with intelligent cardan shafts. The technology, which is completely maintenance free and approved according to medical device standards, maximizes patient safety. Many thousands of these cardans are already in use in hospitals worldwide.

Advantages of NCTE sensors in medical devices

– Very compact, encapsulated force measurements, extremely small footprint
– integrated into the cardan shaft
– Extremely durable and reliable, no wear
– Insensitive to chemicals, disinfectants, ageing
– Easy integration into any commercial cardan shaft system

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