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Motor Sports


In motor sports, precise, reliable torque measurements deliver decisive data for optimizing and controlling the drive train. Some race series even stipulate such sensors in their regulations. Sensors have to withstand strong vibration, high speeds, and enormous temperatures, and they have to integrate easily into the space and environment available.

NCTE torque sensors

Non-contact NCTE sensors offer decisive advantages for motor sports applications. For many years, they have delivered dependable, precise torque measurements even in the most challenging conditions.

Advantages of NCTE torque sensors in motor sports

Reliable even under extreme motor sports conditions, e.g. temperatures up to 200 °C or high speeds of over 40,000 U/min.

Ultra short reaction time (on request within only a few hours), extensive individualized support to meet the just-in-time requirements of the motor sports industry.

Proven track record in a large variety of racing series.

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