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Off Highway Vehicles



Modern agricultural processes require a maximum of efficiency, speed, precision, and machine intelligence. Vehicles like harvesters, balers or tractors have to be operated at optimum load to achieve their highest possible output. Downtimes caused by overload have to be avoided by all means.

NCTE torque sensors

Exact real-time measurements of load and load changes (torque, shear) in the ongoing process enable optimum drive parameter control. Measurements are taken at high signal width; sensors deliver excellent repeatability and long term stability, are fully maintenance-free and suitable for series and mass production.

Advantages of NCTE torque sensors for off-highway vehicles

– Increased efficiency
– High precision
– Ultimate performance
– Overload protection
– Robust and durable
– Long life
– Insensitive against dirt, oil, water
– Easy to integrate
– Non-contact measuring principle ensures low system complexity

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