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Straightening machines



In sheet metal fabrication fast throughput times are key. Uneven passing or edging has to be absolutely avoided to prevent overload or breakage of the shafts with resulting production standstill.

NCTE torque sensors

In straightening machines NCTE torque sensors are used on all shafts and corresponding coupling components. The robust, non-contact sensors are insensitive to vibration, bending and other influences. Sensor components are designed to ideally fit into the extremely limited space between the shafts. Continuous torque measurements at the individual shafts prevent overload situations, damage to the expensive machines, and production standstill.

Advantages of NCTE torque sensors for straightening machines

– Increased efficiency
– Extremely robust against vibration, bending, temperature
– Insensitive to extreme environmental conditions
– Reliable function even at very high temperatures
– Insensitive to lubricants and other chemicals

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