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Test Rigs



Test rigs operate in challenging, complex environments and conditions, e.g. at extremely high rotating speeds and/or demanding load spectra in the automotive or aviation industries. These applications require maximum durability and resilience of the sensors used.

NCTE torque sensors

NCTE torque sensors steadily deliver high accuracy for consistent results. Their ultra robust, truly non-contact mode of operation (without using strain gauges) ensures durability and long life under the most demanding circumstances. The sensors perform reliably even at very high temperatures, delivering high precision results down to a repeatability of < 0.02 percent.

Advantages of NCTE torque sensors in test rigs

– Extremely robust and durable
– Very wide temperature range
– Resistant against chemical & mechanical stress
– Suitable for measuring in oily liquids (e.g. inside gearboxes)
– Ideal for highly dynamic applications
– Precise & resilient, unaffected by load spectra & rotating speeds
– Exploitation of the full measuring range
– Insensitive to peak loads

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