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Wind Energy



Rough environmental and weather conditions and complex load spectra continuously affect wind energy plants, causing wear and damage to gearboxes, bearings and other components. As a result, the plants constantly face the risk of costly downtimes and profit loss. Extensive condition monitoring systems (CMS) for monitoring these forces and for documenting precise performance records have not yet matured to serial production.

Solution: NCTE torque sensors

NCTE sensors deliver decisive data for early detection of wear, predictive maintenance, and performance records of wind energy plants. NCTE sensors are used in all areas from development & testing to serial production. They also monitor pitch adjustment. In the event of damage, NCTE sensors allow unambiguous allocation of the forces present.

Advantages of NCTE torque sensors in wind energy plants

Extremely durable, long life thanks to truly non-contact operation (no strain gauges).

Very stable, even under extreme conditions, e.g. moisture, salt, temperature changes, vibration, bending.

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