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Drive shafts with applied torque sensor

Drive shaft measuring systems are made like all NCTE measurement systems using the principle of a measurement shaft (drive shaft), a signal processing electronics and appropriately positioned measurement coils. The latter are molded into high-tech plastic bearings which runs directly on the drive shaft. Two stops build as clamp rings or directly incorporated in the drive shaft define the measurement position. Furthermore, the plastic bearing is supported by a anti-twist device.

The quality materials often used by motorsports allow a direct application of the measurement system on the existing, already used shafts. Special transducers are made to enable further enhancement of performance and handling​​. The accuracy can be designed to your needs.

NCTE drive shaft measurement systems distinguish itself by the small number of parts, the enormous robustness and easy handling.

Drive shaft sensors are used are used for the folowing aplications:
– Traction – Launch Control
– Traction control
– Differential gear setup
– Motor control
– Vehicle aerodynamics

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Sensor mit Auswerteelektronik

Sensor with electronics box

GT3 Gelenkwellensensor

GT3 Drive shaft sensor

Sensoreinheit im Detail

Sensor unit detail