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Calibration service


Calibration on our state-of-the-art test rigs now also available for customers!

We thoroughly test each and every one of our high quality NCTE sensors before shipping them. Now, our customers, too, can benefit from our extensive calibration expertise with our new calibration service.

We test and calibrate your torque sensors up to 10,000 Nm, fast and efficiently – on request in express service and with your personnel attending.

Your benefits:

– Personalized service by our experts
– Precise results on latest state-of-the-art test rigs
– Flexible for all sensor types and brands
– Extensive documentation (calibration certificates)
– On request: Express service

Technical data

– Torque: load range 0 Nm – 10,000 Nm
– Clockwise and counterclockwise torque measurement, continuous or in steps
– Calibration with lever arm (actuator drive, spring-loaded)
– Factory calibration following DIN 51309, DKD-R 3-5
– Control accuracy: 0.2 %
– Reference accuracy: HBM TB2, accuracy class 0.03
– Max. specimen diameter: 600 mm
– Max. specimen length: 1,400 mm (incl. adapter)
– Specimen fixture: Flange with 196 mm pitch circle diameter
– (8x M16) and centering with 140 mm diameter (H6), min. 3,5 mm depth
– compatible with TB2 10 kNm
– Service rate per day: 975 EUR