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Sensoric bottom brackets by NCTE – Torque and speed sensing

For Electric bikes / Pedelecs

NCTE optimizes the performance of electric bikes (»pedelecs«). A torque sensor integrated into the bottom bracket or middle motor continuously measures:

Model RT – (speed, direction of rotation, and torque)
Model R – (speed and direction of rotation)

to determine the cyclist’s pedaling strength at any given moment. The motor’s drive power is then controlled accordingly.


Extra comfort and power for the cyclist, excellent driveability, extended range.

For applications, where standard bottom bracket sensors cannot be used, we deliver customized torque and rotation sensor solutions to your specification.

NCTE sensor solutions have already been integrated into a vast variety of electric drive systems. How can we help you?


– Precise torque measurement directly at the BB shaft
– High quality, formula 1 proven PCME technology
– Accuracy (of torque) +/-1 %
– Temperature range -40 °C … +105 °C
– Perfectly protected against environmental factors
– fully encapsulated (IP67)
– Waterproof
– Completely maintenance free
– Extremely robust thanks to integration into the BB housing
– Well protected against accident damage
– Integrated angle sensors for speed and direction of rotation
– No re-calibration required
– Integrated electronics with flexible output signals (on request)
– Very easy, intuitive assembly
– Fully compatible with all standard bearing shafts and almost all frames
– Compatible with »X-Cell RT« resp. »X-Cell R«

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