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Torque Sensor Series 2000

Series 2000 is an economical and maintenance-free sensor. Due to its robustness this sensor is especially suitable for End-of-line tests and application under harsh environment conditions.

The integrated readout electronics represents through its range of 1 kHz and through its minimal power supply (9-12 V) an optimal device for simple measurements. The analogue output signal of 0-5 V can be processed without difficulties in various systems.

Serie 2000

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– Electronics & secondary sensor in a single housing
– Torque measurement up to 5,000 rpm
– Maintenance-free operation
– Excellent price-efficiency ratio
High tolerable dynamic loads
– High tolerable transverse forces and bending moments


– Start-up-Peak: < 40 mA
– Absolute max. supply voltage: 13 V DC
– IP protection class EN 60529: IP50
– Frequency range: 1,000 Hz
– Power supply: 9-12 V DC
– Max. power consumption: 10 mA
– Temperature range: -30 … +85 °C
– Bi-directional measurement range from 0 to 500 Nm
– Accuracy class: 0.1

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