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Torque Sensor Series 2300

The 2300 series is the most cost-effective entry into professional torque measurement technology. Transmitted torque can be measured bidirectional and independent from speed statically and dynamically.

The sensor is supplied as a complete unit with integrated evaluation electronics and the corresponding connecting cables. The 2300 series is distinguished by its price-performance ratio and extreme robustness. That makes them particularly and suitable for use in harsh environments and as well for use in production lines and test benches. The sensor can be equipped with a lot of extras, such as angle sensor, IP65 and several analog and digital outputs.


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– Low-priced torque sensing system
– Contact-free
– Integrated electronic system, „plug & play“
– High robustness, less mass inertia
– Optional integrated angle of rotation measurement


– Measurement range from 1Nm to 100Nm bidirectional
– Accuracy class 0,5
– Temperature range -30°C…+85°C
– Turning speed up to 10.000 U/min
– Output Signals 0-10V / 4-20mA / CAN / USB

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