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Torque Sensor Series 6000

This metal bellow coupling can measure bidirectional torque in real time. This can be achieved without higher additional torque of inertia between gear and output as well as slack and rotation. The coupling is delivered as one complete unit with integrated electronics and cable.

The signal generating shaft is integrated in the coupling also the non contact signal cording and analog/digital signal conditioning. The coupling particularly distinguishes of low price and high robustness and fit very well in applications like servo motors in tool machines, automation technology, packaging machines and woodworking machines.


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– Free of float metal bellow coupling
– Integrated torque measurement
– Non-contact measurement system
– High robustness
– High torsional stiffness
– Limited torque of inertia


– Measurement range 60 Nm
– Accuracy class 0.5 %
– Temperature range -40°C …. +105°C
– Protection class IP50
– Tuning speed up to 5,000 rpm
– Output signals 0-10 V / 4-20 mA / CAN Bus

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